Thursday, April 18, 2013

“{marginalia} anatomy of an organ,” by Valerie Witte (forthcoming in issue 22)

a fist enclosed in a double-walled sac
depends on gradation / the thickness profile

and varnish, which nourishes as a bridge
prevents shocks of blood / overflowing

could we ever pump it out / in response
to its own contractions a muscle may achieve

oscillation / protect its surrounding vibrations
an encroachment upon the inner layer also

to lengthwise scoop we negotiate between
fluid and seclusion, a lubricated surface

in which to play with good intention and anchor
sliding to preserve a structure made of adjacent

spaces, two superior and two / inferior, attached
to literally heartstrings wound around tuning

pegs held in an arc, each sounded separately
and fit into a tapered hole / a lover

in the receiving chamber, where a tension built
might burst: no / frets to stop dividing

into outer walls / passion and pain, contained

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