Tuesday, May 7, 2013

“{marginalia} the definition of water,” by Valerie Witte (forthcoming in issue 22)

the edge of clarity / charming at times, when
mixed with dirt forms mud / crystals / total cubic

feet / a mitigation estimate / what it takes
to resolve a triangular entanglement / dissolve

a small calm / what I mean is how learning
to float one averts drowning / a question

of liability once disaster is confirmed
the source of blame is multiple / the difference

between what we want / and expect, at least
I'm not surprised / the beginning of a slow

flood is moisture bleeding / into or; am I bleeding
out / I was a clearing / an excess of pillows

Saturday, May 4, 2013

“Poem,” by John Myers (forthcoming in issue 22)

Because I was too shy the marquee casts me as the bad guy.

In its limited vocabulary the sun’s weird voice.

Marigolds keep bugs out of the garden.

A sunshine mangers your hair.