Wednesday, April 3, 2013

from “The Escapist,” by Jennifer Mackenzie (forthcoming in issue 22)

Hitherto this sylph this azimuth
construed a dome sewn

w/ tracers. Clatter above
from carpenters stumbling
on roof beams, rafters. A ship upturned

was ripped & scuttled, filled
w/ stones. Bang Bang! Nikita

Maximalist. Firehosing plaster
from our lips. Spitting in
our pinstriped eyes unsealed

“2 global & searing themes”: How
our laughter resembles monsters’

rough uncut garnet stuckness of
children’s slitthroat scabs unearthed

power. (“Now either you are
a personality (especially
a personality of such magnitude)

or you are not.” (Mayakovsky))
Only 2 faint stars

& the occasional booms. They come
in ones or twos or threes. Then there are

minutes of quiet. Dark blistered blocks
of listeners murmuring on  rooftops
What is the make of gun Mayakovsky

used on himself in lieu of vinegar
& sponge. Autarchic. Father

father in the future, maybe
you want to watch TV forever? 

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